After losing both finals last year, the Ramblin Jesters were very convincing for both men and women in the 2019 Copenhagen Sevens.

Both teams reached the finals witout conceding a try. Both final opponents did manage to score, so the results of the finals were:

Men's Cup: Ramblin Jesters-RK Speed 1 33-7. Speed (DEN) won the prize as best scandinavian team.

Women's Cup: Ramblin Jesters -Tabusoro Angels 12-5. Tabusoro (NOR) won the prize as best scandinavian team.

Women Cup Finalists Ramblin Jesters and Tabusoro Angels

The winners of the plate and bowl finals received free entries to next year's tournaments.

Men's Plate: Frederiksberg RK-Häljarp Heroes RC 26-19

Men's Bowl: NTNUI-RK Speed 2 21-12

Women's Plate: Malmö Black Widows-Frederiksberg RK 27-10

Women's Bowl: Borås RFC-Sagene IF 17-5


All results are available for download here


Sunday the Men's tournanemt will be played as Cup (9 teams), Plate (6 teams), and Bowl (5 teams).

For women 6 teams play the Cup tournament, and three teams will play round robins in both Plate and Bowl.

First matches are 10.20. Finals are played from 13.00.

The pools are as follows

Sunday pools

The complete plan for Sunday is available for download here

This year's old boys tournament was won by Old Gringos (DEN). The cup tournament was a pool between Erritsø, Malmö and the Gringos.

Gringos won both mathces and retained the title.

All results from the Saturday pools are available for download here

All results will be updated on Facebook and on this link

The first matches were played already with kick off at 12.

The matches were started by one minute silence for Erik Andersen, who passed away last year. Erik was the president of the Danish Rugby Union for many years, and he was one of the grand old men of Danish and Nordic Rugby. Erik was involved in the Scandinavian Sevens since it was started.

Erik Andersen (left) together with former RK Speed president Jørgen Larsen at Copenhagen Scandinavian Sevens 2014

The program for the pool matches Saturday is now ready.

Men's Pools                  
Pool A   Pool B   Pool C   Pool D   Pool E  
Berliner RC GER Frederiksberg RK DEN Latino Vikings DEN Ramblin Jesters ENG RK Speed 1 DEN
Hundested RK DEN HRC Löwenzahn GER NTNUI NOR CSR-NANOK  DEN Blindstad Highland NOR
Aarhus RK DEN RK Speed 2 DEN Roskilde & Friends DEN Livenation's HoS DEN DTU Exiles  DEN
Iceland Exiles ICE Skebengas SWE Wolfpack SWE Häljarp Heroes RC SWE Odder RK DEN
Team One Tonne ENG                


Women's Pools          
Pool WA   Pool WB   Pool WC  
Ramblin Jesters ENG Vänersborgs RK SWE Tabusoro Angels NOR
Sagene IF NOR Susies Sevens NED RK Speed DEN
Frederiksberg RK DEN DTU Exiles DEN Malmö Black Wid SWE
Wolfpack  SWE NTNUI  NOR Borås RFC SWE
The A-Team DEN        


Old Boys' Pools          
Pool OA   Pool OB   Pool OC  
Malmö RC SWE Old Gringos DEN West Coast Mstrs SWE
NANOK Old Bears DEN Tabusoro Jurrasics NOR Erritsø DEN
Roskilde & Friends DEN Gray Seals  DEN RC Odense DEN


Old Girls show match  
OG1   OG2


The complete match schedule is available for download here.